So Why Do I Feel Like I Could Run a 10K?

A few weeks ago, at the conclusion of my monthly video call with my college buddies, I could not contain my excitement — for the first time in a year of zooming, we had not discussed Covid-19 at all…

Show Your Joy, and Let Out Your Pain

I have cried a lot over the past three days. The tears have been tears of sadness, but also of joy.

Last night, I was sitting on a basement couch in with my 12-year old daughter Maayan. Maayan is incredibly emotional intelligent…

I Will Always Have Four Daughters

“Forsaking aching breaking years, the time and tested heartbreak years. These should not be forgotten years.” From ‘Forgotten Years’, by Midnight Oil, 1990

When our daughter Michaela died, suddenly in her sleep on May 23, 2009 at age five and a half, we instantly…


When we remember September 11, 2000, many of us think about first responders, passengers on United Flight 93, and father Mychal Judge who, while in prayer, became the first person to die on that terrible day.

Fewer of us know about two other individuals from 9/11, Abe Zelmanowitz and Ed…

Adam Kaplan

Married father of 4 daughters. Loved the 80s. Purple is my favorite color.

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